The 10 Most Read Intersect Articles of 2017

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Yesterday, we published a list of the articles you said were your favorites. Today, we look at the cold hard facts: Which articles did you read the most?

So, without further ado, here are the 10 most read Intersect articles published in 2017.

Youth Pastor to American Ninja Warrior (credit: Max Bender / Unsplash)

1. From Youth Pastor to American Ninja Warrior

Southeastern graduate and local youth pastor Matt Atwell competed on American Ninja Warrior in 2017. Our interview with him about faith, work and evangelism was Intersect’s most read article of the year. Here’s an excerpt:

When you watch interviews after sporting events, you often hear the winners give God glory. It seems like nobody ever thinks to give God glory after they lose. But I think there can sometimes be even more glory for God after a loss. It shows that we live for something higher than worldly success.

Parents, Stop Idolizing Your Children: An American Idol. credit:

2. Parents, Stop Idolizing Your Children

Jeremy Bell is a parent and pastor. In this article, he addresses an idol that we often overlook: Our children. You resonated with his article, as it was the second most read article of 2017. Bell writes,

Parents who idolize their children are unable to say the word, ‘No.’ Instead, they sacrifice everything at the altar of their children.

White Supremacy within us. Image credit: Vinicius Amano /

3. The White Supremacy Within Us

Lemanuel Williams wrote a harrowing account of the prevalence of white supremacy — even in his own heart. This article also happened to publish around the time of the Charlottesville protests, which made Lemanuel’s words even more timely. He wrote,

Allow me to confess: I am guilty of being a white supremacist, and I’m black. I am often guilty of uplifting the white culture and race as superior to the black race and culture, even though I’m black.

Kyle Ramage at the United States Barista Championship. Image credit: Sprudge Media Network

4. 2017 US Barista Champion: Christians, Make People Wonder Why You’re Weird

Kyle Ramage is a Southeastern Seminary graduate added a unique accomplishment to his resume in 2017: “2017 US Barista Champion.” We sat down to discuss coffee, work, vocation and more in this far-reaching interview, and many of you resonated with it. Ramage says,

I truly believe at my core that the world is organized in a way that gives glory to God. Our work is part of that.

5. Blessing the World by Brewing Coffee: Tracy McKenzie on Back Alley Coffee Roasters

Evidently you enjoyed reading articles about coffee! Southeastern Seminary Old Testament professor Tracy McKenzie owned a coffee shop, and he reflects on the craft of brewing and selling coffee in this interview. He says,

It is rewarding to treat a product in a way that honors God and have people recognize that beauty or that taste. That’s one of the most rewarding parts of business. And it is rewarding to build something that has value, that can endure, and that can contribute to society.

What Autism Parents Wish Christians Knew About Autism. image credit: Henry Lorenzatto, Unsplash

6. What Autism Parents Wish Christians Knew About Autism

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Nathaniel Williams reached out to parents of children with autism with a simple question: “What do you wish the rest of us knew about autism?” Their responses were challenging and encouraging. He says,

We often view ourselves as agents of blessing for autism parents and their families. But they’re more likely to bless us. They have much to teach us about love, hope, trust and God — if we’ll take the time to listen.

Law and Gospel and Gun Control. (credit: Christopher Burns / Unsplash)

7. Law and Gospel and Gun Control

After every national tragedy, Americans engage in the same back-and-forth about gun control. The debate never seems to go away. In this article, Doug Ponder does the seemingly impossible: He offers a nuanced, level-headed take on the topic from a Christian perspective. He explains,

It seems that we need a place to start if we are going to get off the merry-go-round of gun debates. The following is an attempt to find some solid ground on which to stand.

8. Brent Aucoin on the Baptist Pastor Who Popularized Racism in the 20th Century

Dr. Brent Aucoin tackles a difficult topic by telling the story of two very different white Christians on either side of the racist divide. One promoted African Americans’ dignity and worth; the other popularized racism in the 20th century with a series of widely read novels. Aucoin’s lecture was heavy, but it was important — and many of you watched it. Aucoin said,

Christianity is inextricably linked to America’s shameful racist past. But there’s a flip side to this story regarding Christianity and American racism. It is the story of those who combatted racism because they saw it as being incompatible with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bring on the Robots. Source:

9. 6 Ways to Steward Your Weekly Screen Time

Ashley Gorman does us all a favor by offering specific tips to help us steward our screen time. You found her suggestions helpful, as this article was one of the most-read articles of the year. Gorman writes,

 More and more evidence points to how much our sleep is compromised due to the stimulation screens offer, whether that be in the form of our phones or our TVs. An easy way to remove a huge adversary to healthy sleep patterns is to keep televisions, tablets, and phones out of the bedroom.

Black Lives vs. Blue Lives: You Don't Have to Choose. By Tony Webster (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

10. “Killing Spree” Killers: There Is No Fear of God Before Their Eyes

After the tragic news of the Las Vegas shooting, Dr. Ken Keathley penned this poignant yet pointed reflection on this (and many other) mass shootings. He writes,

I can’t begin to imagine the pathologies that are going on in the heads of people like Spengler or Paddock. But the theological underpinnings of their madness seem clear enough. There is no fear of God before their eyes.

Honorable Mentions.

Just outside the top 10, four articles were neck and neck for 11th place. As an added bonus, I wanted to share them with you as well.

Which article was your favorite, and why? Tell us about it in the comments.

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