Weekend Reading: The New Morality, Terrorism, ‘Jane Eyre’ and Harriet Tubman

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What’s your conscience worth? How are Islam and terrorism connected? What can you learn about authenticity from Jane Eyre? And what’s significant about Harriet Tubman?

To answer these questions, we’ve collected four articles for your weekend reading.

What’s Your Conscience Worth?

Samuel James says that relativistic postmodernism has come and gone. In its place, a “New Morality” has emerged. He writes,

The last generation had to insist that the neutering of absolute truth — the “gagging of God,” as D.A. Carson put it — was at odds with the Christian gospel. We had to articulate our religious DNA to a culture that was being taught at every turn that every god came from the same family tree. But now the conversation is changed. Our task now is to show that our un-gagged God cannot be bought off with promises of the “right side of history” and the approbation of our descendants. We must show our beliefs in more than theological argument but in practical acts of rebellion against the cultural consensus. Read More>>

Terrorism’s Relation to Islam: How Prominent Voices on the Right and Left Get It Wrong

When it comes to terrorism, American politics rushes to two extremes. Either Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, or it has everything to do with it. Which position is correct? In this piece, Bruce Ashford navigates the issue with nuance and clarity. He explains,

Islamic texts are problematic, but that doesn’t mean my Muslim neighbor should be ostracized. What is true on the micro-level is also true on the macro-level. Terror organizations such as ISIS do in fact have their roots in Islamic texts and traditions. To deny that fact is to misunderstand our enemy. And yet, our public recognition of that fact should not be communicated in ways that misrepresent, disrespect, and provoke our two billion global neighbors who are Muslim. Read More>>

Jane Eyre and Our Age of Authenticity

In honor of Charlotte Bronte’s 200th birthday, Karen Swallow Prior re-examines Bronte’s most famous novel, Jane Eyre — and uncovers powerful lessons about authenticity.

Unlike many subjects lionized in great modern literature, Jane’s true self is rooted in something outside herself. And that something is God. Read More>>

9 Things You Should Know About Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman is the new face of the $20 bill. Joe Carter offers nine things you should know about her.

Over the next 15 years she would, with the help of others in the Underground Railroad, lead approximately 70 slaves out of their captivity. Her efforts in the dangerous undertaking earned her the nickname “Moses” by abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, who compared her to the Hebrew leader who lead his people out of slavery in Egypt. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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