Challenges to Humanity

Kenny and Claire Hilliard: Worship for the Weary

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In the Christ and Culture podcast with Ken Keathley and Benjamin Quinn, we explore how the Christian faith intersects all avenues of today’s culture through conversations with leading thinkers.

Today’s Episode:

Kenny and Claire Hilliard always loved music. But when suffering sidetracked their ministry path, music became more than a hobby. It became a calling. Benjamin Quinn talks with them about their story, chronological snobbery, suffering, and worship for the weary. (The conversation starts at 6:25.)

Plus, in “Headlines” (1:20), Nathaniel Williams talks with Aaron Earls about ‘Dune: Part 2’ — and why you won’t “find Aslan” in this story. And in “On My Bookshelf” (24:40), Kenny highlights a book on worship.

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The music that pointed my heart to scripture was the most encouraging and helpful.


  • “There are a lot of phenomenal hymns with really great theology that the music or the lyrics are a hindrance to being used, but the theology isn’t being written into worship music any more. Our hope is to reintroduce those themes to worship music by rewriting them into new songs that would be practical for churches to use now.”
  • “We need faith that doesn’t shrink, and we’re tempted to have faith that does.”
  • “The music that pointed my heart to scripture was the most encouraging and helpful.”

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