Weekend Reading: Faith, Politics, an Anxious Culture & the American Flag

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Is there hope for American politics? How can we engage culture in an anxious age? What happens when politics becomes more important than the gospel? And what’s the relationship between the church and the American flag?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Bruce Ashford, Russell Moore, Timothy Keller, John Inazu and Thomas Kidd in today’s Weekend Reading.

A Christian Hope for American Politics

Micah Fries talks to Bruce Ashford about faith and politics in an episode of The Exchange.

It’s certainly not wrong to affiliate with a political party. What would be wrong, however, is for your primary identity to be with one of the parties (Republican or Democrat) or to inappropriately imply that all of the planks of your party’s platform are Jesus’ planks. As Christians we want to be more interesting than that. We don’t want to be pigeon-holed. We want to show that the gospel is wild and unruly. Watch Now>>

How Christians Can Bear Gospel Witness in an Anxious Age

Times are changing for American culture — and for Evangelicals in particular. In this op-ed for Christianity Today, John D. Inazu and Timothy Keller suggest a path forward: “confident pluralism.”

As Christians, we can engage with the pluralism around us because our confidence lies elsewhere. Read More>>

Why Politics Can’t Drive the Gospel

Politics is vitally important. But politics cannot drive the gospel, as Russell Moore explains in a recent article. He writes,

The church of Jesus Christ ought to be the last people to fall for hucksters and demagogues…. But too often we do. We receive celebrities simply because they are “conservative,” without asking what they are conserving. If you are angry with the same people we are, you must be one of us. But it would be a tragedy to get the right president, the right Congress, and the wrong Christ. Read More>>

The Church and the American Flag

Does your church have an American flag in your worship space? Should it? Thomas Kidd gives a historical perspective on this contentious issue.

These vignettes of the flag and the church in American history tell us that (1) the American flag has not always been a fixture in American sanctuaries, and( 2) when it was introduced, it came for reasons—often troubling ones—specific to that historic moment. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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