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So often we put faith in a box and only pull it out on Sundays. But how does faith impact the rest of our lives? Women around Southeastern Seminary asked that very question, bringing the timeless truths of the gospel to the timely challenges of our day.

In Christian Voices on the Cultural Moment — this FREE, Intersect-exclusive e-book — a group of women thinkers and writers give you a series of essays on issues facing Christians today. You’ll see how faith intersects with cultural engagement, work, the pro-life cause, race, economics, justice, technology, sexuality and more.

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What’s Inside

Here’s a preview of what’s inside this 68-page ebook:

  • Discipling Women to Engage Culture by Laura Thigpen
  • The Mommy Wars Within Me by Amy Whitfield
  • The Recovering Perfectionist by Alysha Clark
  • The Joys and Difficulties of our Adoption by Brittany Salmon
  • Human Value and the Pro-Life Ethic by Amber Bowen
  • Why the Church Needs Black Girl Magic by Anteneshia Sanders
  • Black Lives vs. Blue Lives: You Don’t Have to Choose by Krystal Wilson
  • Helping the Poor Without Hurting Them by Christy Britton
  • Walk in Justice by Brianna Copeland
  • Your Smartphone Is a Tool. Do You Use It Well? by Ashley Gorman
  • Confessions of a Christian Who Struggled with Gender Identity by Jean-Yael Wallis
  • A Framework for Both the Energized and the Overwhelmed by Cas Monaco
  • How Southeast Asia Helped Me Engage My Own Culture by Harper McKay

What Is Intersect?

Intersect exists to educate you to engage the intersection of faith, culture, work and economics so you can equip others and be empowered to glorify God in all your life.

To accomplish this mission, Intersect seeks to

  • Educate you about how faith intersects with culture, work and economics.
    Learn from Southeastern Seminary’s faculty and other reputable speakers through our free classes, daily blogs, videos, books and special events.
  • Equip you to educate others.
    The information you learn is designed to be shared – with your church, your family and your neighbors.
  • Empower you to make a difference.
    Ultimately, Intersect is about changing lives. We want you to apply these lessons to your everyday life so you can glorify God and fulfill the Great Commission in how you work, live and play.

This post originally published on June 26, 2018.

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