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Hugh Ross: The “Improbable Planet” and God’s Plan for Redemption

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Hugh Ross, President and Founder of “Reasons To Believe,” recently gave a lecture on his latest book, Improbable Planet, for the L. Russ Bush Center of Faith and Culture. “Our goal is to use the book of nature to bring people to the book of Scripture and faith in Jesus Christ,” he said.

In this lecture, he helps us see how the fine-tuning of the universe is a key component of God’s plan to redeem humans.

Here is a brief excerpt:

How does the fine-tuning of the universe enable the redemption of humanity?

“The Bible claims that God begins his works of redemption before he creates anything. This implies that every component of creation fulfills a role by making possible redemption. Now, I mentioned the redemption of billions of human beings, and I get that from Revelation 7:9:

Before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.

“When I read that, I said, could that be taken literally?….

“Is it really the case that every component of creation, every star, every bacteria, every life form that ever existed, every event in the history of the universe, and earth and earth’s life — does every bit of that play a role in making possible the redemption of billions of human beings, not in millions of years, but only thousands of years? And the answer is yes. And that’s the story of Improbable Planet, that indeed every component, every event plays a role in making possible the redemption of human beings in a relatively short period of time.”

Every component of creation plays a role in making possible the redemption of human being.

What are some examples of this fine tuning?

“In order for billions of human beings to hear the gospel message and respond to the gospel message, our star must be perfectly middle-aged. We have to be at the end of an ice-age cycle…. We need a short-period of extreme climate stability…. And we have to be at a time in the history of our galaxy where there are no nearby supernovas.”

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