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Managing money is stressful. Art Rainer wants to help.

In his new book The Money Challenge, Rainer takes you on a journey to financial health. But it is not simply for the sake of financial health. The Money Challenge was written to help you experience God’s design for you and your finances. (Read our interview with Rainer about The Money Challenge.)

To celebrate the book’s release, we’re giving away 5 free copies. Hurry! The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 31.

Here’s What You Could Win


The Money Challenge by Art Rainer

5 lucky winners will win a free copy of The Money Challenge by Art Rainer.*

Everyone will receive A Pocket Guide to Christianity and Culture (e-book) by Bruce Ashford and the weekly Intersect Newsletter.

Here’s How You Can Enter

1. Sign Up Below.

Drop your email address in the sign up box below, and you’ll instantly be entered to win.

2. Check your email.

The contest concludes at 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 31. If you’re randomly selected as a winner, we’ll notify you within 48 hours. We’ll then ask for your address so we can send you your copy of The Money Challenge — free of charge.

3. Tell your friends.

Don’t keep the contest to yourself! Share this contest on social media so your friends and family can have a chance to win, too. Here’s a sample Tweet:

Enter to win FREE copy of #TheMoneyChallenge by @ArtRainer!

*Must live within the contiguous United States. Previous book winners are ineligible for prizes, but can still nominate an article.

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