#FaithandCulture Reading: C.S. Lewis, Lecrae, Workplace Hardships, Social Media

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How should you respond when you’re passover at work? What important things did C.S. Lewis say? Should you hurl a social media criticism at another believer? And what can we learn from Lecrae’s new album?

Get thoughtful answers to these questions and more from Glenn Brooks, Joe Carter, Erin Davis, Eugene Park and more in today’s #FaithandCulture Reading.

When You Are Passed Over 

Have you ever been passed over for a promotion at work? It’s not a happy experience. In this article at The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics, Glenn Brooks offers encouragement and wisdom. Here’s an excerpt:

I was good at hiding most of my disappointment from people, but God knew the depth of my bitterness and self-doubts. Read More>>

Loving Better by Typing Less

Social media gives us ample opportunities to hurl our criticisms at prominent fellow believers. But Erin Davis encourages us to temper our tendencies to criticize. In this post at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, she writes,

So, for the love of God (literally) stop it. Stop crucifying each other. Our Savior has already paid that price. Stop lifting high the banner of division and criticism. The banner over us is love. Read More>>

6 Quotes: C.S. Lewis on Government, Economics, and Freedom

This week was C.S. Lewis‘ 119th birthday. In his honor, Joe Carter compiled a few of his comments about government, economics and freedom at the Acton Institute. Here’s one such quote on Christianity and politics:

He who converts his neighbour has performed the most practical Christian-political act of all. Read More>>

Lecrae’s ‘All Things Work Together’ and the Challenge of Racial Unity

Over at The Gospel Coalition, Eugene Park reviews and interacts with Lecrae’s new album, All Things Work Together. He writes,

His latest album is easily his most controversial, grappling honestly with complex issues and coming at a time of great cultural division. It’s not an album of quick or easy answers, but it does offer important wisdom to chew on—for those with listening ears and open hearts. Read More>>

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