Listener’s Choice: Your Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2022

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A few weeks ago, we asked you to nominate your favorite episodes of the Christ and Culture podcast. You flooded our inboxes with your picks, nominating more than a dozen different episodes.

We tallied the votes. And, without further ado, here are your favorite podcast episodes of 2022.

1. Erin Smith: Trauma and Children’s Ministry

Dr. Erin Smith is a developmental psychologist, and she joined us to discuss how churches can serve children who’ve experienced trauma. What would a trauma-informed small group look like? How can you organize children’s ministry in a way that is sensitive and responsive to how children communicate their trauma? Are only large churches equipped to serve people in this way?

Here are some of your comments:

  • “As someone whose ministry involves children I found this deeply insightful and thought-provoking. I’ve thought about trauma awareness but not trauma informed.” — Austin W.
  • “Desperately needed topic, and counseling is an area pastors often neglect.” — Ory A.

2. Steve McKinion: Suffering and Childhood Cancer

Many know Dr. Steve McKinion as a beloved professor at Southeastern Seminary. In this episode, he joined us not to talk about theology, but about suffering — specifically, the suffering that comes through childhood cancer. It’s a brutally honest conversation about suffering, sickness, anger, and hope.

Here are some of your comments:

  • “The way Steve and his family dealt with tragedy and never gave up on the Lord, was inspiring.” — Eric W.
  • “Powerful and moving.” — Dean S.

A Tie for 3rd

Four episodes tied for 3rd place. Here are those episodes and why you enjoyed them.

Rebecca McLaughlin: Rediscovering Friendship

  • “The longing to be a part of a community is in each of us and we can all do our part to extend friendship to others.”  — Pamela N.

Patrick Schreiner: Christians Aren’t Political Enough

  • “I felt it was very timely with the mid-term election happening. I think too many Christians think being political is being involved with or identifying with certain political parties and believing that unless those politicians or parties win, then the effort is a failure or things are just going to be so awful if the other side wins. We need to know that God is not just still in control, He is sustaining all that exists, including human governments. Human government has a God ordained place in our lives regardless if we agree or disagree with that government. We are living in the “yet, but not yet” part of God’s kingdom and sometimes we need be reminded that that is more important than who won the last election. I too have been political in misleading or misunderstanding ways, and it was nice learning more about Christian involvement in politics.” — Deric S. 

Jordan Steffaniak: The Protestant Reformers on Spiritual Formation

  • “Spiritual formation in corporate worship is a research interest of mine. This episode helpfully explored a historical perspective on this theme.” — Wes T.

Jonathan Moo: Christianity and Creation Care

  • “This episode speaks to a heavy issue that faces people in America and around the world. Moo does not force one view or another but rather gives facts and scripture to prove that Christians must care for creation. God gave people the world to care for it so why does the church turn a blind eye to the destruction of the earth.” — Alta B.

Thanks for nominating your favorite podcast episodes! Look forward to more new episodes in January 2023!

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