How Should Christians Think about Wealth and Poverty?

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In a recent article, we collected some of our resources to help you think well about socialism.

Yet these questions about capitalism and socialism are also rooted in more fundamental questions about wealth and poverty. How then should Christians think about wealth and poverty? Today, we’ve collected a handful of helpful articles on this topic.

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Was Jesus Rich or Poor, and Why Does It Matter?

By David W. Jones | When it comes to wealth and poverty, “What would Jesus do?” Perhaps a better question would be, “What did Jesus do?” What was the example of our Savior as he lived in the material world, as he interacted with the things and people who fill it? Read More.

What Did Jesus Really Teach About Wealth and Poverty?

By David W. Jones | What did Jesus really teach about wealth and poverty? The answer to this question matters because it gets to the very heart of who Jesus is — and what the Bible as a whole teaches about wealth and poverty. Read More.

Income Inequality Is Not Our Biggest Problem

By Andrew J. Spencer | Is income inequality one of the most significant threats to justice in our age? Some voices argue that the wealthy are becoming wealthier at the expense of the poor. If this were true, it would truly be one of the most significant justice issues of our day. However, this version of reality relies on the zero-sum myth of economics. Read More.

What Really Causes Poverty?

By David W. Jones | If you want to minister to the poor, understanding the root cause of the poverty will help you pray for and minister to them more effectively. The roots of poverty fall into three general categories.  Read More.

Does Your Material Wealth Indicate Your Spiritual Health?

By David W. Jones | What is the connection between your bank statement and spiritual life? Some people would tell you that godly people should have great wealth. Others would insist that godly people should have little wealth. So who’s right? Or is the truth a bit more complicated than you’ve been led to believe? Read More.

3 Essential Guidelines for Ministering to the Poor

By David W. Jones | Poverty is pervasive in our fallen world. How, then, can we best minister to the poor? We can follow several general principles in any context of poverty — principles that will allow us to work toward biblically faithful, individual solutions.  Read More.

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