#FaithandCulture Reading: Marxism, Your Conscience at Work, What to Remember Before You Share

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In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week. Today, we highlight articles from Bruce Ashford, Jason Thacker, Matt Rustin, Cas Monaco and Matt Rogers.

Watch Your Conscience in the Workplace

Matt Rustin of Made to Flourish describes the importance of your conscience to your work in this article at The Gospel Coalition. He writes,

Far from being a restricting device, our conscience actually brings freedom. We are set free to use our energy to do what is right, and emboldened to work for the good of others.

Two Things to Remember Before You Share About Your Kids Online

Jason Thacker of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission us offers a few principles to remember before you share about your kids on social media. He writes,

Everything we do online, including the things we search for, purchase, and share on social media, is captured in some form—indefinitely. 

(Podcast) The Gospel of Marx: A False Religion Explained

Bruce Ashford recently discussed the inadequies of marxism in a podcast with The Daily Signal podcast. Here’s how Ashford describes it:

After having revealed Marxism as a false religion, I explore the disastrous consequences incurred whenever Marxism has been embraced historically. In a nutshell, I argue that Marxist socialism suppresses society instead of liberating it and that it increases poverty rather than reducing it.

From our Sister Blogs

Intersect serves as the blog of the Center for Faith and Culture (CFC) at Southeastern Seminary (SEBTS). Take a few minutes to look at recent posts from our sister Centers:

  • Living Decisively in a World That Isn’t
    Matt Rogers: “It seems that the reluctance of many to formulate concrete dreams and take strategic steps toward those aspirations represents the spirit of the age more than a trust in the providence of God.”

What other articles would you recommend?

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