Weekend Reading: Tips for Work Success, the Election & ‘Downton Abbey’

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How can you succeed in your first job? Is the election changing evangelicalism? Was Jesus a Republican? And what can we critique about “Downton Abbey”?

Get answers to these questions via four insightful articles for your weekend reading.

Three Ways to Succeed at Your First Job (and Your Last)

Austin Burkhart once received timely advice for his first job. He unpacks it for you in this brief post.

No matter what the company or job title, they’ve essentially hired you to do three things: Show up early, stay late, and take out the trash. Read More>>

Is This Election Shaping the Future of Evangelicalism?

In this divisive political season, Christianity Today editor Mark Galli reminds us what (or, specifically, Who) unites us. He explains,

I would hope we could recognize the difference between core issues that unite us and political judgments that divide us. What has united us historically is the person of Jesus Christ, his atoning work on the cross, the final authority of Scripture, and the need to share the gospel in word and deed. It’s that last part that causes our most fervent divisions, of course, especially in election seasons. Read More>>

The One Thing About Downton Abbey That Really Let Me Down

Trevin Wax analyzes the BBC show Downton Abbey from a Christian perspective. He critiques the show’s attitude toward the past, “which is one of pity.” He writes,

The writers of Downton Abbey work from an Enlightenment vision of the past. Because they write from the standpoint that we have progressed in every way since the 1910’s and 1920’s (morally, technologically, socially), they keep the viewer from ever asking an uncomfortable question about our assumptions today.

Might we be unenlightened or wrong about something? Might our ancestors actually know something we have forgotten? Read More>>

Podcast: Was Jesus a Republican?

Over at Between the Times, Jamie Dew sits down with Bruce Ashford to discuss faith and politics. He notes that Jesus transcended simple partisanship, but his mission and message were still profoundly politics. Listen to the Podcast>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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