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Every Friday, you get a recap of what others are saying about the intersection of faith and culture, work, economics and public life. Happy reading (and listening) this weekend.

Christmas: A Call to Witness
Andreas Köstenberger reminds us that biggest way we can intersect with culture this Christmas is by telling others about Jesus.

Jesus came to give us the greatest gift of all — the gift of himself — not so we can keep it to ourselves, but so we can freely share it with others.

What Does the Bible Say about the Righteous Poor?
Yesterday, Walter Strickland reminded us that “poverty is not always the result of bad personal choices or a refusal to work.” In other words, there is such a thing as the “righteous poor.” In a post for the Institute of Faith, Work & Economics, Art Lindsley gives you two valuable lessons about the righteous poor from the Bible.

Review of Inherit the Holy Mountain: Religion and the Rise of American Environmentalism
Spence Spencer reviews Mark Stoll’s new book which argues that Christianity has deeply influenced American environmentalism. He writes:

The result is a masterful portrait of America’s religious traditions that illuminates already existing themes instead of imposing them. Stoll’s book is a treasure to the Christian theologian and the environmentalist.

CFW’S 2015 Conference: You Had to Be There
Carey Wallace recaps the Center for Faith and Work’s 2015 Conference. His biggest takeaway wasn’t the powerful speakers or potent ideas. It was the value of community:

And whether we made it to the conference or not, the power of community is always available to all of us, any time we take the time to connect with the people in our own worlds.


What stories are you following this weekend?

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