#FaithandCulture Reading: #TimesUp, Charity, Toothbrushes, Millennials

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Every week, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week. In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we highlight important articles from Ben Johnson, Liberty McArtor, Elise Daniel and Anne Bradley.

How Pagans Viewed Christian Charity

Over at Acton’s Religion and Liberty Transatlantic, Rev. Ben Johnson examines the history of Christian charity. He writes,

[A]ny attempt to limit Christians to ‘their own poor’ is at war with Christian anthropology, which sees all people as brethren demanding our concern. Read More>>

Time’s Up: Noble or Nonsense?

Liberty McArtor reflects on #TimesUp, a response to the #MeToo movement led by hundreds of influential Hollywood women. She writes,

Far from perfect, the initiative is easy to bash, no matter what side you’re on. But bashing isn’t the right approach. We can see good things in Time’s Up. And some areas where it falls short. Let’s examine both. Read More>>

Christian Millennials Work to Redeem Capitalism

Are Christian millennials really more likely to support socialism, as it’s commonly argued? Elise Daniel has a suprising take on this question in an article at The Federalist. She writes,

Entrepreneurship promises autonomy, creativity, innovation, and artistic expression. These are the things that make millennials tick. Read More>>

The Mighty Toothbrush: A Symbol of Human Creativity and Freedom

Before you brush your teeth today, read what Dr. Anne Bradley has to say about this simple tool — and what it tells us about free markets. She writes at the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics,

The toothbrush is a beacon of human creativity and flourishing that we take for granted. Read More>>


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