#FaithandCulture Reading: C.S. Lewis on Productivity, Foster Care, Civic Virtues, Faith in Film

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In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week. Today we highlight articles from Christy Britton, Ashley Gorman, Alissa Wilkinson, Elise Daniel and Bruce Ashford.

Is it OK to Get Attached to a Foster Child?

“Instead of fearing what you will lose after you bond with them, allow what they would lose without your care to frighten you more,” writes Ashley Gorman at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

Don’t Settle for the Spotlight

“When we attempt to stand in the spotlight, we desire to outshine our maker,” writes Christy Britton at GC Discipleship.

7 Civic Virtues We Should Expect from (Ourselves and) Our Political Leaders

Bruce Ashford highlights key virtues that we and our elected leaders should emulate. Here’s an excerpt: “An honest and trustworthy public officeholder aims to tell the whole truth of a given situation, rather than merely the partial truths with which partisans or special interest groups are concerned.”

Religion at the Cineplex

In this podcast, the folks at The Veritas Forum talk to Alissa Wilkinson, a film critic at Vox, about film, secularism and why religion keeps showing up in Hollywood.

C.S. Lewis’s Advice to Distracted Students (and Workers) on Productivity

Over at The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics, Elise Daniel explores what C.S. Lewis had to say about productivy. She writes, “If we let the future overwhelm us and distract us from our work today, we will never reach our full potential.”

What articles would you recommend this weekend?

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