Weekend Reading: Lecrae, the Dangers of Charity, Parenting and Politics

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How can you parent well in today’s toxic political climate? Is Lecrae abandoning the Christian faith in his music? And are charities and NGOs actually helpful?

Get answers to these questions via three insightful articles for your weekend reading.

Parenting in a New Day of Presidential Politics

Southeastern Seminary’s Amy Whitfield was featured in Ed Stetzer’s “Thursday is for Thinkers,” and she explained the challenges — and opportunities — of parenting in today’s political climate. She writes,

No matter what happens on November 8, God’s mercies will be new on November 9. That’s what I want her to know. And that’s a future I want her to long for—one where a man who is perfect has already made the whole world great again. Read More>>

Hip-Hop Engaging the Totality of Life: How Francis Schaeffer Makes Sense of the Controversy Surrounding Lecrae and Reach Records

Lecrae’s recent musical decisions have left some Christians puzzled. But Alexander Bouffard says that they make perfect sense; Lecrae is channelling his inner Francis Schaeffer:

Lecrae is bringing the gospel and its restoration into areas in desperate need of it. These areas might not be reached if he didn’t engage with them….While I’m not sure if Francis Schaeffer would have appreciated their style of music, it’s safe to assume he would have been proud of their approach. Read More>>

Charity That Hurts vs. Empowerment That Helps

Are charities and NGOs helpful or not? Baylee Molloy offers a counterintuitive answer:

While the intentions behind charity may be good, the West’s charity efforts are outdated and have harmful effects on the poor. In order to change the harmful patterns of the past, we should instead look toward more practical steps for partnering with the poor in the future. Read more>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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