Weekend Reading: Trump, Harambe, Drake, Chance the Rapper, & Building Your Library

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Should Baptists vote for Donald Trump? What can Drake and Chance the Rapper teach you about vocation? How should you think about the death of Harambe? And where can you go to learn more about faith and culture?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Bruce Ashford, Russell Moore, Alexander Bouffard and Joe Carter in today’s Weekend Reading.

Should Baptists Vote for Trump?

Should Baptists vote for Donald Trump? Baptist21 has published a series of articles to explore the different arguments for and against voting for Trump. In part three of the series, they cite Bruce Ashford and Russell Moore.

Those of us in Baptist21 have been raised to believe that political engagement is important, and we want to think through these issues biblically. So, to help us think through rightly and biblically answering this question, we want to provide the three main viewpoints that Baptist leaders are taking on this topic. Read More>>

What Drake and Chance the Rapper Teach Us about Finding Fulfillment in Our Work

Drake’s Views and Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book — two of the most significant hip-hop albums of the year — were released in recent months. Alexander Bouffard poses an intriguing question: What might these albums tell us about vocation?

This is what we can learn from Chance and Drake. True fulfillment in our work can only be found in working at and for the pleasure of our Lord. Other substitutes will never suffice. True fulfillment can only be found in fulfilling the chief end of man, in glorifying God and enjoying him forever. Read More>>

The Boy, the Gorilla, and the Outrage: Questions for Reflection

A gorilla was killed. A boy was saved. These two simple events have caused a furor of anger and outrage. Joe Carter highlights several key questions these events (and the surrounding debate) raise.

There is nothing new or noteworthy that could be said about the incident (at least not by me), and yet I believe it provides an opportunity for societal self-reflection. Here are several questions that are worth considering in light of the death of Harambe. Read More>>

6 Sets of Resources for Building Your ‘Theology and Culture’ Library

Bruce Ashford thinks deeply about faith and culture, which is why he’s authored books like Every Square Inch and A Pocket Guide to Christianity and CultureIf you want to explore these topics further, Ashford has a few tips for building your own faith and culture library. He writes,

Here are six sets of resources for pastors, professors, and students who wish to build their ‘theology and culture’ library. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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