Weekend Reading: Planned Parenthood, Racism, Religious Liberty & ‘The Office’

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Why didn’t the Planned Parenthood videos change the abortion debate? How can the church fight racism? Is God like your father? Do you have the right to be a Christian? And what can we learn from The Office?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Joe Carter, J. Josh Smith, Jonathan Edwards, Al Mohler and more in today’s Weekend Reading.

Why the Planned Parenthood Videos Didn’t Change the Abortion Debate

The pro-life movement thought that the Planned Parenthood videos would change the debate. They didn’t. What went wrong? Joe Carter gives five reasons they didn’t have a lasting effect.

The videos garnered a surprising amount of media attention, sparked congressional hearings, and launched dozens of investigations into Planned Parenthood (PP). But one year later, not much has changed. And many people are wondering what went wrong. Read More>>

Why the Church Is the Most Significant Player in the Fight Against Racism

Racism is alive and well, and no laws can change the human heart, says J. Josh Smith. Yet the church has a message that can change human hearts — the gospel. Smith writes,

We need to acknowledge that we have a problem that the government cannot solve, a problem that the church has been uniquely equipped and called to solve. It is not enough for us to make statements about the obvious. We must be convinced, deep in our hearts, that we are the stewards of the only truth that will take down the dividing wall of hostility that exists in our nation. Read More>>

Is God the Father Like My Father?

Jonathan Edwards didn’t have a good relationship with his biological father. In this article, he explains how that impacted his relationship with God — and how he overcame it. He writes,

I’ve found my heavenly Father is truly unlike any dad I’ve ever known. He isn’t mad. He isn’t coming home waiting to punish me. He’s waiting to shower me with mercy and grace. Read More>>

Religious Liberty and the Right to be Christian

Al Mohler comments on recent challenges to religious liberty — and what they mean for us.

As the sexual revolution completely pervades the society, and as the issues raised by the efforts of gay liberation and the legalization of same-sex marriage come to the fore, Christians now face an array of religious liberty challenges that were inconceivable in previous generations. Read More>>

Seeing and Believing: ‘The Office’s’ 15th Anniversary

Over at Christ and Pop Culture, the “Seeing and Believing” podcast reflects on The Office‘s 15th anniversary through a Christian perspective. In addition, they reflect on the competing views of vocation presented by the British and American versions. Listen Now>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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