The 10 Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2022

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So far in our 2022 recap, we’ve shared your favorite podcast episodes and articles. But let’s look at the cold hard facts: Which episodes did you listen to the most in 2022?

We crunched the numbers. Here are the 10 most popular podcast episodes of 2022.

1. Rachel Gilson: Transgender Identities and the Gospel

What is gender dysphoria? Why is it good to embrace the biological sex we are given? What does discipleship look like for such individuals, and why is the gospel so appealing? Rachel Gilson joined us to talk about the LGBTQ movement — specifically, transgender identities.

This episode is not only the most listened to episode of 2022. It’s one of our top episodes of all time.

2. Amanda Aucoin: The History Behind Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has only gotten worse. But what’s the background to the story? Why did Russia want to invade Ukraine? Dr. Amanda Aucoin told us about the history behind the conflict. The episode was timely and insightful.

3. Jordan Steffaniak: Making Sense of Sex and Gender

Jordan Steffaniak of The London Lyceum has a candid conversation with Benjamin Quinn about gender, sex, and what the Bible teaches about these topics.

4. Andrea Clements: Opioid Addiction and the Crisis of Hopelessness

The opioid crisis has ravaged the country in the past decade, and it’s only gotten worse during the pandemic. Dr. Andrea Clements joined us to help us understand the scope of the problem and identify potential solutions.

5. Roundtable: David W. Jones and Ben Holloway on the Value of Life

Drs. David W. Jones and Ben Holloway discussed Peter Singer, “pet parents,” end-of-life decisions, and the eternal and inherent value of human life. Yep, it’s a doozy.

Beyond the Top 5

Thanks for listening to the podcast this year! We can’t wait to share new episodes with you in January 2023!

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