The Cross and Culture: 4 Articles on How Easter Transforms Culture, Work, Politics and Cities

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At Easter, we remember Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross. But Jesus didn’t simply redeem us; his sacrifice began to redeem culture, politics, work and even the city.

In the following selections, you’ll see where these spheres fit within the biblical narrative — and how the cross begins the process of restoration.

Culture // Against the World, for the Sake of the World

According to Bruce Ashford, God has transformed us so that we live entirely differently than we did before. That transformation affects all that we do — including our cultural activities. Read More>>

Work // What the Biblical Narratives Teaches Us about Work

In this interview with Benjamin Quinn, you discover how you can apply the power of the gospel to your work — and see relationships begin to be healed. Watch Now>>

Politics // A Biblical Framework for Understanding Politics

Because of Christ Jesus’ redemption, we find ourselves sent back into the public square in a wholly new way. Bruce Ashford explains what that looks like for you. Read More>>

The City // Do You View the City Like God Does?

Revelation 21 describes and depicts the apex of God’s redemption as a city, says Thomas West. At the end of time, God’s people will worship God in God’s city. Read More>>

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