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#FaithandCulture Reading: Human Trafficking, Unintended Racism, Anti-Semitism, Work and Fake News

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How is God at work in you at work? How should Christians respond to human trafficking? Should racism be excused if it’s not intended? Why should Christians stand against anti-semitism? And in what ways can we restore reality-based journalism, truth and public civility?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Bruce Ashford, Keith Welton, Jemar Tisby, Hannah Stokes and Joe Carter in today’s #FaithandCulture Reading.

Six Ways God’s at Work in You — At Work

God is just as much at work on you at work on Monday morning as he is at church on Sunday morning, says Keith Welton in this piece from Desiring God. He writes,

God is working behind the scenes in what we do, why we do it, how we do it, and where we do it. Realizing this truth might transform your workplace experience. Read More>>

A Response to Human Trafficking

Over at Women’s Life, our sister blog, Hannah Stokes dives into the problem of human trafficking — and helps us learn what we can do about it. She writes,

Today, there are over 45 million reported souls who are bound in slavery, and counting. I’m not here to over dramatize, or evoke a fake emotional response. I’m here to tell you that right now, this is going on in our countries, our cities, and in our back yard and there are still people sitting across from you who have no idea. Read More>>

“But I Didn’t Mean to Be Racist.”

In discussions of racism, does a person’s intent matter, or does the impact of one’s actions matter? Jemar Tisby offers a thoughtful perspective on this discussion in this article at Fathom Magazine. He writes,

Many conversations about racial reconciliation get derailed before they can even begin because of one common misunderstanding—the failure to distinguish between intent and impact. Read More>>

Why Christians Must Stand Against Anti-Semitism

Joe Carter explains why Christians must reject anti-semitism in this article at The Gospel Coalition. He writes,

We may not be able to directly stop the violence and harassment ourselves, but Christians can, as a community of believers, calm some of the concerns of Jewish Americans by showing we are in solidarity with them. Read More>>

An Evangelical Response to Fake News, Cynicism, & “PC” Conformity

Bruce Ashford offers suggestions on how to restore reality-based journalism, trust and public civility. He writes,

Change doesn’t always come from the top down. Often it starts at the grassroots level, with ordinary citizens. And when it comes to restoring reality-based politics, social trust, and public civility, ordinary citizens must be the ones to do it. Read More>>

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