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This summer, we’ve asked Intersect contributors about what books you should put on their summer reading list. Today, we shift gears and offer some of their recommended podcasts.

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All Things
with Jen Oshman

Christy Britton

Christy Britton: A newer podcast I’ve been enjoying is Jen Oshman’s “All Things.” Jen and her family have served overseas as missionaries and now live in Colorado where they’ve planted a church. Her family includes biological and adopted children. She’s an author, speaker, and discipler of women. She’s also a smart cookie!

“All Things” explores current events through the lens of the gospel. Jen tackles important topics like gender dysphoria in teen girls, religious cleansing in Nigeria, and child safety in an age of sexual abuse scandals with wisdom and grace. In a culture that swings between outrage and indifference, I appreciate Jen wading into these intimidating waters and calling on the Church to look to Christ and apply His Word to all things.

Revisionist History
with Malcolm Gladwell

Samantha Couick: “Revisionist History” is a podcast about a variety of topics ranging from the Constitution, the science of memory, the idea of proof, to any other number of cultural, political and scientific topics. Malcom Gladwell worked at the New Yorker for years as a journalist and uses his skills to bring an audio article each week to his listeners. I enjoy “Revisionist History” podcast because of the range of education and intriguing content I would not otherwise have exposure to.

Cultivated Podcast
with Mike Cosper

Nathaniel Williams

Nathaniel Williams: In each episode of Cultivated, Mike Cosper invites Christian thinkers, artists, musicians and writers to discuss work, culture and faith. The recent season featured stellar interviews with Lecrae, Sebastian Traeger, Phil Keaggy and more.

While Cultivated is informative, it’s also a joy to listen to. And that’s where this podcast stands out. Mike Cosper is a gifted storyteller, the theme song is catchy, and the tone and feel of the podcast is superb. Cultivated is a must-listen.

What podcasts are you listening to?


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