#FaithandCulture Reading: Comfortable Christianity, Toy Story 4, How Art Points to God

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In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week. Today, we highlight resources from Brett McCracken, Dustin Messer, Chris Locke, Ryan Martin and Steve Addison.

8 Signs Your Christianity Is Too Comfortable

Do you find yourself in “comfortable Christianity”? Brett McCracken helps you answer this question in this article at The Gospel Coalition. He writes,

Healthy faith doesn’t just celebrate you as you are, but relentlessly molds and refines you into the likeness of Christ.

Finding Beauty in Tension: How Art Points Us to God

Dustin Messer addresses faith and art in this article at The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. He writes,

Art makes us worship – not the object, of course, but the reality that lies beyond the object: the Triune God of the universe.

Toy Story 4: Lost Toys and the Most Noble Thing

Over at Christ and Pop Culture, Chris Locke reflects on loss, growth and Toy Story 4. He writes,

Toy Story 4 models the fact that while farewells may be bittersweet, they can also be hopeful and filled with fondness. 

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