Weekend Reading: Transgender Theories, Jim Crow, Bonhoeffer, and Unsatisfying Jobs

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Do advocates of transgender rights have logical inconsistencies? Are today’s ‘bathroom laws’ analogous to yesterday’s Jim Crow laws? How did Dietrich Bonhoeffer respond to political turmoil?  And what should you do when you don’t love your job?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Trevin Wax, Andrew T. Walker, Bethany Jenkins and Ryan Hoselton in today’s Weekend Reading.

7 Troubling Questions about Transgender Theories

Transgender issues are moving to the forefront of our national dialogue. Trevin Wax has examined transgender theories, and they’ve raised seven troubling questions for him. He writes:

The unmooring of ‘gender identity’ from ‘biological sex’ leads to a number of unresolved questions, as well as troubling inconsistencies among advocates of transgender rights…. In my reading of articles and books about gender identity in the past year, I’ve come across seven issues that challenge the coherence of transgender theories. Read More>>

Are Restroom Laws That Respect Privacy the Equivalent of Jim Crow Laws?

On Monday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch compared North Carolina’s HB 2 to Jim Crow laws. Was she correct? Over at the ERLC, Andrew T. Walker takes issue with the comparison:

Attorney General Lynch’s incendiary comparison was used to merely inject further emotion and confusion into the culture war. By appealing to the bitter wounds of America’s past and present sins of racial prejudice, she has chosen to override wise custom and tradition about dress and privacy in exchange for progressive talking points. Read More>>

Bonhoeffer’s Answer to Political Turmoil: Preach!

Over at Christianity Today’s The Local Church, Ryan Hoselton explains how Bonhoeffer responded to fear and political turmoil. He writes:

Many today remember Bonhoeffer for his radical Christian discipleship and sacrificial involvement in the German resistance movement against Hitler. However, few know him for what he believed was most central to his life and ministry: nourishing the body of Christ through the proclamation of the Word. Read More>>

When You Don’t Love Your Job

We all want a job that we love — jobs that give us meaning and purpose. But what should you do when you don’t love your job? Bethany Jenkins shares her own search for the answer to that question:

Whether we’re in mid-life, like me, and wondering why we’re suddenly questioning our vocation, or young and asking if this is all there is to life, or retired and feeling disengaged and aimless, we can’t afford merely to blame our circumstances. We need to invite God to examine our hearts and search out any waywardness in us. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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