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Convictional Civility: Bruce Little, Bruce Ashford and Ken Keathley on the the Legacy of L. Russ Bush

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In honor of the 10th anniversary of L. Russ Bush’s passing, Drs. Bruce Little, Bruce Ashford and Ken Keathley gathered in 2018 for a special event to reflect Dr. Bush’s life and legacy.

L. Russ Bush

L. Russ Bush

L. Russ Bush (1944-2008) was a noted philosopher, apologist, author, professor, pastor and friend. He spent his life serving the church, the Southern Baptist Convention and most recently Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served Southeastern as Academic Vice-President, Dean of Faculty and Professor. In 2006 he became Dean of Faculty Emeritus and the first Director of the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture. As Academic Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Bush was instrumental in Southeastern reclaiming its sound theological heritage.

Dr. Bush also led in the debate to secure the inerrancy of the Bible as a primary Southern Baptist doctrine with the book he co-authored with Dr. Tom Nettles, Baptists and the Bible.

Dr. Bush’s guidance was foundational in the development of the Center for Faith and Culture. This center is the materialization of a vision he had for many years. It was his passion to connect theology with culture to make the Gospel of Christ known. The Center was named for Dr. Bush at its creation in 2006 because he embodied the vision and modeled the ministry of the Center.  The Center seeks to continue Dr. Bush’s legacy.

Watch the video above, or read key excerpts below (edited for clarity):

He almost gave his life for the Southern Baptist Convention.

Dr. Bruce Little

“If I think about one thing that comes to my mind immediately every time I think about Russ is that he was the epitome of a Christian gentleman. You cannot say more than that. He was one who was so kind and so generous, even with those who disagreed with him.”

“One of the key persons in Southeastern being salvaged, that it didn’t completely collapse, would have been Russ Bush. It was because of the tremendous ability he had to be a mediator. He had a strong commitment to the inerrancy of the Bible, the necessity of the Bible. I don’t know if this would be too strong to say, but he almost gave his life for the Southern Baptist Convention. He dearly loved what the school was doing, but he had a greater appreciation and a stronger commitment to the truth of God’s word and felt that not only should we be involved theologically, but philosophically as well.”

Dr. Bruce Ashford

“He was a model of how to slice and dice and without being a jerk. He could debate and discuss. I never saw him lose his temper. I never saw him be condescending. It was a wonderful model of convictional civility. He kept his convictions and managed to always be a gentleman.”

Dr. Ken Keathley

“Here was a guy who really enjoyed being a Christian in this world.”

This post originally published on March 2, 2018.

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