Reader’s Choice Awards: Your 5 Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2020

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One of our highlights of 2020 was launching the Christ and Culture podcast with Dr. Ken Keathley. Earlier in December, we asked you what your favorite podcast episodes were, and you responded.

Without further ado, here are your top 5 Christ and Culture podcast episodes of 2020. 

1. Karen Swallow Prior: Civil Disobedience and Cultural Engagement

How can we be compassionately convictional and confrontational? In this episode, Dr. Karen Swallow Prior shares her faith story, her experiences with civil disobedience, and the inspiration behind her book Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues. It was the overwhelming favorite podcast episode of 2020.

I have huge amounts of respect fo Karen Swallow Prior, and she provides a reasonable and nuanced approach to everything she does. She provides a great framework for believers to find the topics they care about and gives a biblically sound approach to how we should engage in controversial topics and how to engage in unrest in a way that is biblical, profound, and attention-grabbing. — Matthew W.

Learning Dr. Prior’s background was very insightful as a fan of her work and contribution to the Christian cultural sphere and academia. This conversation with Dr. Keathley provides helpful nuance to the notions of civil disobedience in consideration of our general call to submission to the state as obedience unto God. — Will J.

2. Ivan Spencer: Nietzsche, The Prophet of Postmodernity

Is God really dead? Dr. Ivan Spencer discusses his book Tweetable Nietzsche and the enduring influence of Friedrich Nietzsche’s worldview, and you appreciated his insights.

I like this podcast because it’s important to understand the influence of Nietzsche and postmodernism in our time, and their relation to the church and theology. — Christopher R.

3. Jennifer Wiseman: Astrophysics, Wonder, and Awe

What does physics have to do with faith? Dr. Jennifer Wiseman shares her journey as a Christian astrophysicist and gives advice for fellow believers interested in the STEM fields.

This episode sparked a shocking awareness of how we can see science and religion together. — Joshua P.

4. Ken Keathley: The Story of Christmas

What does the Bible really say about Christmas? In this two-part podcast episode, Dr. Ken Keathley discusses the biblical narrative of Christmas and the theology of Christmas. Many of you voted for these episodes.

I like this podcast because it reminds me of the wonder of God becoming a helpless infant to save the world. This Christmas will be so very different for many people, but the one constant is God put on human flesh in order to one day pay the debt I owed. There is so much contained in the Christmas story, and I think we are usually in such a hurry that we rush through it. This year God has slowed us down, and we can take time to truly see the wonder of the Christmas story. — LeAnne J.

5. Sam Williams: Do You Suffer from Compassion Fatigue?

What is compassion fatigue, how can we recognize it, and how can the church minister to their ministers? On this episode, biblical counselor Dr. Sam Williams talks with us about pastoral and missionary resilience.

First off… it’s Dr. Williams! (Should I just end it there?) Second, I think that this was a necessary podcast in the midst of what is going on with COVID and 2020. The simple question of ‘Do you suffer from compassion fatigue?’ sparked me to think about and listen. To ask am I in this season of life I am in because of fear, resentment, and even the restrictions that come with it. — Kyle R.


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