#FaithandCulture Reading: Quarantines, Sexuality, Telework, Outreach, COVID-19

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In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week on coronavirus, quarantines, sexuality, outreach, work and more — featuring selections from Samuel D. James, Josh Wester, Melanie Ratcliffe, Christina Ray Stanton and Russell Gehrlein.

  • Unwept, Unhonored, Unsung
    Samuel D. James at Medium: “Recovering that grief must happen if we’re to emerge from this nightmare as anything other than emotional cadavers, socially distanced from others and from ourselves. What is unwept will be unhonored.”
  • Why Christians can’t compromise on human sexuality.
    Josh Wester at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission: “Conforming one’s life to the pattern of God’s design is the key to flourishing. This is especially true when it comes to issues of sexuality, which have so much to do with our sense of identity and fulfillment.”
  • Meet My Neighbors
    Melanie Ratcliffe at The Pastors Center: “When the pandemic is over, will you be closer to those around you?  Will you know more than just their names?”
  • God Sustained Me in COVID-19, as He Did on 9/11
    Christina Ray Stanton at The Gospel Coalition: “A deeper relationship with Christ gave me the courage to navigate the scary days of the virus in a way I could have never done on September 11.”

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In recent days, writers at Intersect have discussed topics ranging from Critical Theory and COVID-19 to teamwork and creationism. If you missed one of articles or videos, now’s your time to catch up.

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