#FaithandCulture Reading: The Importance of Families, Praying for Iran, the Sanctity of Life (and more)

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In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week — featuring selections from Josh Wester, Annie Lavi, Casey B. Hough, Scott Hildreth, and more.

  • Why Families Are Critical for Human Flourishing
    Josh Wester at The ERLC: “The Bible’s teaching on marriage works because in practice, even marriages which fall short of the biblical ideal—as every marriage does—are still powerful. Stable, intact families lead to flourishing because they go with the grain of God’s design for humanity.”
  • A Letter of Repentance
    Annie Lavi at Fathom Mag: “The body is more than just terrible news stories, failures and forgetfulness. The body is the Lord’s and I am sorry that I didn’t treat you as such.”
  • 3 Ways to Pray for Iran
    Scott Hildreth at The CGCS: “In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus shows us that the true neighbor is the one who looks beyond racial and religious distinctions and extends love.”
  • Seeking and Discerning the Call to Gospel Ministry
    A panel discussion at The CGCS: “What is calling? Is it biblical? Is it even important? Is a calling to vocational ministry different than a sense of calling to any other vocation? How do you know if you’re called to do something or if it’s just your own heart’s desire?”

From Intersect This Week

Here’s a list of the articles we published this week. If you missed one, now’s your time to catch up.

  • 4 Reasons Parenting is Hard
    Jeremy Bell: “You don’t need to have a full blown worship service every night at your house where you preach a sermon with three points and a poem. You can teach about Jesus throughout the day-to-day operations of your life.”

What other articles would you recommend?

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