Apply for the 2019-2020 Mentorship Program at the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture

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How does faith intersect with the sciences? And why Christians should care about science at all?

You’ll address these questions and more in the Mentorship Program at the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The annual theme for the mentorship is Faith and the Sciences.

The Mentorship Program is designed to mentor a small number of students interested in thinking critically about crucial cultural issues in light of biblical Christianity. The format will examine different areas of culture to identify basic assumptions, beliefs and values that give shape to the prevailing ideas and practices of Western culture.

The group will meet twice per month with Dr. Kenneth Keathley and other guest speakers for thought-provoking discussions and fascinating group trips. Group members will also have assignments including short selected readings, questions for discussion and/or selected subjects for research.

The program begins in Fall 2019 and goes through Spring 2020. The application deadline is August 26, 2019.

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Center for Faith and Culture

The L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture seeks to engage culture as salt and light, presenting the Christian faith and demonstrating its implications for all areas of human existence.

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