Weekend Reading: Fixing Politics, Adoption, & The Economics of Human Trafficking

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How can we fix politics? Why is adoption so important? What economics drive the supply and demand of human trafficking? And what’s behind the square quotes around “religious liberty”?

To answer these questions, we’ve collected four articles for your weekend reading.

How to Fix Politics

David Brooks from The New York Times has a bold solution for fixing politics: Shrink it. He writes,

Once politics becomes your ethnic and moral identity, it becomes impossible to compromise, because compromise becomes dishonor. If you put politics at the center of identity, you end up asking the state to eclipse every social authority but itself. Read More>>

The Priority of Adoption

Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is a major proponent of adoption. In this interview, he explains why adoption is so important — and why it must be defended. He explains,

We have to fight for the kind of pluralism that gives space to those who are — right now and throughout history — the most committed to the “least of these,” including vulnerable orphans. Throughout history, that’s not been progressive secularism — it’s been religious orthodoxy. Read More>>

The Economics of Human Trafficking

Over at the Institute of Faith, Work and Economics, Baylee Malloy looks at the issue of human trafficking from an economic perspective. She writes,

While supply and demand are driving the human trafficking market, this is not the way it has to be. Read More>>

“Scare-Quoting” Religious Liberty

Have you noticed how Religious Liberty is now written as “Religious Liberty”? It’s a subtle change, but the square quotes are significant. Samuel James of the ERLC writes,

Putting quotes in the headlines obscures record from rhetoric, and that’s precisely the opposite of what we need from our journalists. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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