CFC Mentorship — At the Keathley's (2)

The Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is designed to mentor students interested in thinking critically about crucial cultural issues in light of biblical Christianity. The format examines different areas of culture to identify basic assumptions, beliefs and values that give shape to the prevailing ideas and practices of Western culture. Course credit is available.

How It's Structured

This year, we introduce, “CFC Mentorship 101—Cultural Catechesis.” Mentees will read and discuss Dr. Quinn and Dr. Dennis Greeson’s book, The Way of Christ in Culture: A Vision for All of Life. (CFC Mentorship 201 will debut in Fall 2025).

The group meets monthly with Dr. Benjamin Quinn and other guest speakers for thought-provoking discussions over a meal and fascinating group trips. Group members will also have assignments including short selected readings, questions for discussion and/or selected subjects for research.

The 10-month program begins in Fall semester and goes through Spring semester.

  • Who: Students at Southeastern Seminary and The College at Southeastern
  • Dates: Fall Semester — Spring Semester
  • Class Credit: Southeastern Students have the opportunity opt-in for class credit.
  • Registration Deadline: Friday, August 27
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Mark Silverthorn

“Of all the things that I’ve been blessed by at Southeastern Seminary, the Mentorship Program ranks near the top. I’d recommend this program to any of my fellow classmates. It was informative, and it enriched my life.”

Tami Gomez

“Not only have we been able to interact with insightful texts, but we’ve been able to discuss these crucial topics with some great minds.”

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