Previous Events

Here are some previous events at the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Featured Event

Exploring Personhood: Human Formation

Featuring Christian Miller, Dru Johnson, Andy Davis, Jennifer Herdt, Kelly Kapic, Todd Hall and Kristin Kellen. An interdisciplinary look at the question of human formation, featuring insights from scripture, science, theology and more.

More Previous Events

The Rabbit Room Symposium
Featuring Andrew Peterson, Karen Swallow Prior, Jess Ray, Andy Gullahorn, Kyra Hinton, and more. Music. Story. Art. In what ways does our faith inform our creativity? How can we approach these genres as Christians?

Goodness of Creation and Human Responsibility
Featuring Alister McGrath, Katharine Hayhoe, Norman Wirzba, Jonathan Wilson, Rusty Pritchard, and Mark Liederbach. We explored the integral link between creation and redemption, the goodness of creation, our responsibility in creation, and practical takeaways.

Science and the Christian Faith: Moments That Shaped History
A conference which explored the stories behind key historical events that shaped our understanding of faith and science featuring scientists, historians, and theologians such as Peter Harrison, Michael Murray, Ted Cabal, Ted Davis, and Nathan Finn.

The Evolution, Genetics, Historical Adam Conference
This event featured Nathaniel Jeanson of Answers in Genesis and Dennis Venema of BioLogos. The speakers presented both sides of the issue so you can understand the debate better.

Faith and Culture Lectures
The L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Cultures invites esteemed guests to deliver lectures on a variety of topics. These lectures are designed for Southeastern Seminary students to help them see how faith integrates with every aspect of life.