Upcoming Events at the Center for Faith and Culture

Upcoming Events

Here are some upcoming events at the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

June 14

SBC Panel | Valuing Life: Insights from the Bible and Science

What do the scriptures and the sciences tell us about the value of life? Join us for a lively pro-life panel over evening dessert on Tuesday at 7:30pm in SEBTS’ hospitality room. We’ll explore key pro-life issues from biblical, scientific, legal, and personal angles. Speakers include Elizabeth Graham (ERLC Director of Life Initiatives), Denise Harle (Alliance Defending Freedom), Rev. Dean Nelson (Human Coalition), and more. Brought to you by our L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture.

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  • Drummond Bush Lecture with Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin
    September 15-16, 2022
  • CFC Lecture with Dr. Jonathan Moo
    October 17-18, 2022
  • Evangelical Voices in the Academy Lecture with Dr. Erin Smith
    October 25, 2022
  • Carver Barnes Lecture with Dr. Nathan Finn
    March 20-21, 2023