#FaithandCulture Reading: Easter and Social Apathy, Transforming Work, Singles at Church, Lemuel Haynes

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How has Intersect impacted everyday Christians? What truths can transform how you work? Does Easter influence your social apathy? How can your church minister to singles? What can you learn from Lemuel Haynes? And what new book should be on your radar?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Dan Darling, Dante Stewart, Tom Nelson, Sean DeMars, Nathaniel Williams and more in today’s #FaithandCulture Reading.

Oikonomia Network Spotlights Southeastern Seminary’s Intersect Project

This week, the Oikonomia Network highlighted Southeastern Seminary‘s efforts to promote faith, culture and human flourishing with Nathaniel Williams‘ article about the Intersect Project. Here’s an excerpt:

An Atlanta pastor, South Carolina educator, PhD student and North Carolina mother would typically have little in common. But there is one thing they share: they, like thousands of other believers, have been challenged to integrate their work, culture, faith and concepts of economic wisdom via the resources of the Intersect Project. Read More>>

Easter’s Blow to My Social Apathy

Dan Darling explains how Easter changes the way we care for the vulnerable in this article at Christianity Today. He writes,

Sometimes evil persists because evil men perpetrate it upon the world. Most of the time evil persists because good people avert their eyes from the vulnerable. Read More>>

3 Transforming Truths About Your Work

Tom Nelson shares three truths which can transform how and why you work in this article at the Gospel Coalition. He writes,

We must not merely jump from Christ’s cradle to the cross and forget the carpenter shop. Read More>>

Folding Singles into Family in the Life of the Church

Over at 9Marks, Sean DeMars offers wisdom for pastors who want to minister to singles. He writes,

Remind families that singles aren’t just good options for babysitting, but brothers and sisters whom God has brought into your church family, and should be incorporated into the life of your family in intentional ways. Read More>>

Christ Is My All: The Dying Words of Lemuel Haynes

Dante Stewart reflects on the life and legacy of 18th century African-American pastor Lemuel Haynes in this article at the Reformed African-American Network. He writes,

Haynes shows us Christ is all, and Christ is better. He is better than the best things we can accomplish, and the worst things we experience. Read More>>

New Book: Getting Into the Text

Over at our sister blog Between the Times, learn about a new book edited by Drs. Danny Akin and Thomas W. Hudgins that honors the work of Dr. David Alan Black, long-time Southeastern faculty member. Here’s an excerpt:

This book [is] a valuable contribution… to the field that Dr. Black has devoted himself to since he began his career. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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