Weekend Reading: Snoopy, Social Collapse, The Only Ordained President, & More

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Who predicted America’s social collapse? How did faith inform Snoopy’s creator? What can you learn from the only ordained American President? And what happened at the 2016 Intersect Conference?

Get answers to these questions via four articles and one podcast for your weekend reading (and listening).

The Jewish Intellectual Who Predicted America’s Social Collapse

Over at The Gospel Coalition, Bruce Ashford published an eye-opening article about the ideas of Philip Rieff, a Jewish sociologist. Here’s an excerpt from this must-read:

The chief desire in our American third-world culture is sexual, and this desire demands freedom of exercise. You may now believe or disbelieve in the existence of God (yawn), but you must never question the dogma of absolute sexual freedom, nor restrict its public exercise. Read More>>

The Spirituality of Snoopy

Did you know that faith deeply influenced Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip? Jonathan Merrit gives you the details at The Atlantic. He writes,

Schulz was a devoted Christian; unshell the Peanuts and you’ll find the fingerprints of his faith. Read More>>

The Singular Humility of America’s Only Ordained President

If you’re disenfranchised with the 2016 Presidential election, this story about the humble James Garfield will lift your spirits:

Garfield’s relative anonymity in history shouldn’t surprise us—an assassin’s bullet tragically ended his life less than seven months into his term. His legacy, however, is important because his story relates an enduring lesson: true, dignified influence is often achieved not through force or compulsion, but through quiet humility. Read More>>

(Podcast) Theology Thursday: Where Faith and Culture Intersect

The Intersect Project’s Andrew Koetsier joins ‘Called 2 Action with Steve Noble’ to talk about faith, culture and what Intersect is all about. Listen Now>>

Should Christians abandon American culture?

Harper McKay recaps the 2016 Intersect Conference in this article at the Biblical Recorder:

Fifty Christian leaders from across the country gathered April 19 for the Intersect Conference on the campus of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) to learn and discuss how faith impacts culture, vocation and economics. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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