Reader’s Choice Awards: Your 5 Favorite Intersect Articles of 2019

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Last week, we asked you what your favorite Intersect articles were. And boy did you respond. Most of you stuck with more recent articles. Others went back and found one that resonated with you from earlier in the year. All in all, you nominated dozens of different articles.

Without further ado, here are your top 5 Intersect articles of 2019. 

Darkness and light at advent (credit:

1. Do You Feel Hopeless? Advent Is for You.

Not everyone feels like having a holly jolly Christmas. In fact, as Shelly Durkee explains, many people feel hopeless around this time of the year. In response, Shelly reminds us that Advent is especially for the hopeless. Her article resonated with you all, making it the overwhelming favorite of 2019.

As a pastor, this is a topic I do my best to articulate to my congregation to remind them to be sensitive to the suffering of others. This article does a good job of putting that sentiment into words. — Nathan C

Durkee is honest and thought-provoking. She captures the wonder of the Christmas season in an untraditional way: an appeal to hopelessness. But it’s easy to tell that she is not speaking in the abstract; she seems to be familiar with the pain of hopelessness, but more importantly, with the hope of Advent in the midst of it. And she roots all of article’s truth in God’s Word. The article truly leads the reader to a sense of worship and wonder. — Stafford B.

The Holy Weight of Storytelling (credit:

2. Where the Glory Shines Through the Grit: The Holy Weight of Storytelling

One of our core convictions at Intersect is that all work matters to God. In this delightful article, Southeastern graduate and fiction writer Anna Schaeffer takes us inside the journey of writing fiction as a Christian. Many of you also enjoyed her article.

I appreciate the new perspective on the importance of storytelling. I myself am not a writer so it was very interesting to see behind the scenes of how intricately stories are crafted in order to share the Gospel! — Abby P.

faith and science

3. Genetic Engineering Is Here: The Positive (and Pandora’s Box)

In 2019, we increasingly emphasized the intersection of faith and science. Next year, this emphasis will continued with a conference on the topic. This article from R. Andrew Wood is one example of that content, and many of you found his discussion of genetic engineering fascinating.

I think it is important to understand these topics that we might as Christians better engage the world, especially the leaders in the realms of technology, science, and ethics, so that we keep a place in the public square. This article on genetic engineering from a Christian perspective helps us as we do the task of contextualizing our theology to the modern day issues! — Grant M.

Christians and little league sports (credit:

4. (tie) Why Christians Should Consider Coaching Little League Sports

In this article, Jeremy Bell highlights a mission field you might be unaware of — the little league field. Bell, a pastor and father, explains how and why Christians should be involved in youth sports, and you agreed with his assessment.

Youth sports have been so important to my family for these very reasons. — Jessica B.

The Bible's questions (credit:

4. (tie) How the Bible’s “Inspired Questions” Changed Me — and How They Can Change You

Bryan J. Wright recently wrote a new devotional that uses the questions in the Bible as prompts. In this article, Wright takes us into his own life to explain why he felt called to write such a work. Many of you enjoyed this perspective, leading it to be one of your top vote-getters.

I love the idea that questions encourage us in growing our relationship with Christ. They are opportunities for flourishing, not places to be hindered by. — Cameron K.

Beyond the Top 5

Not every article that you nominated made the top 5. But many of you uniquely resonated with other articles, and we wanted to share some of these observations. 

First, Jonathan Darville may not have had an article in the top 5, but he did have 5 different articles nominated — which may be a record for Intersect’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Second, Meagan W. uniquely resonated with 3 Blindspots of American Culture by Samantha Couick. She writes,

This article was so helpful for myself as I learned how love and serve internationals and others coming to America from oversees as well as when I travel overseas.

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