#FaithandCulture Reading: Sacred Hip-Hop, Advent, Work, St. Nicholas & Teaching Kids about Race

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How does William Branch use hip hop to teach the gospel? Should pastors care about their congregants’ work? Why is Advent so important right now? Who was the real St. Nicholas? And what are some ways you can teach your kids about race?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Spence Spencer, Kaitlyn Schiess, Timoteo Sazo, Kevin DeYoung, Trillia Newbell and Lindsay Swartz in today’s #FaithandCulture Reading.

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‘When Sacred Meets Secular’: How a Seminary Student and Bible Professor Uses Hip-Hop to Frame a Gospel Vision of the World

Spence Spencer interviews William “Duce” Branch about his new album and how he integrates faith into all of his life. Spencer writes,

Part of his vocation is taking the message of the power of the gospel over all of life to an audience that is unlikely to read a book on theology. He notes, ‘People are not being formed by longer writings from people whose primary identity has been [artistic]. But people will listen to the music.’ Read More>>

How to Be So Heavenly Minded that You’re of Great Earthly Good

Timoteo Sazo encourages pastors to help their congregants connect faith with their work. He writes,

I’ve come to see that faith and work is not about building the new heavens and new earth by our own efforts, but about how our faith in Christ should not be sealed off from what we do every day. Read More>>

A Thrill of Hope: Why We Need Advent Right Now

Over at Christ and Pop Culture, Kaitlyn Schiess reflects on the hope of Advent after a hopeless year. She writes,

Advent is the perfect balm for our weary hearts, because it reminds us that we serve a God who humbled Himself to come to save us once before, and He asks us to hope against all hope that He is coming again. Read More>>

Who Was St. Nicholas?

What do we know about the real St. Nicholas? Kevin DeYoung gives us a history lesson in this article at The Gospel Coalition. He writes,

With what little we know about St. Nicholas, it is safe to say he would not be pleased to know he had eclipsed Christ in the hearts of many as the central figure of Christmas. Read More>>

Teaching Your Kids about Race and Reconciliation

Trillia Newbell and Lindsay Swartz talk about practical ways parents can help their children navigate racial reconciliation. Newbell says,

We need to make sure children understand that God is the Creator of all and that he delights in his creation. We should teach kids that Jesus died for every tribe and tongue and nation—that the gospel is for all people. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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