#FaithandCulture Reading: Immigration, ‘Fake News,’ the Unborn, Responses to Poverty

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Every week, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week. In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we highlight important articles from Walter Strickland, Bruce Ashford, Miguel Echeverria, Stacy Singh and Joe Carter.

Strangers in a Foreign Land: Immigration and the People of God

Walter Strickland speaks with Miguel Echeverria speaks about God’s heart for immigration in Kingdom Diversity’s podcast, From the Lectern. Watch Now>>

At What Point Does an Unborn Human Being Become a “Person”?

Bruce Ashford writes about the pro-life cause at his blog. He writes,

As Christians, we should neither weary nor rest until our nation rectifies its greatest legalized injustice, its denial of liberty and equality to an entire class of people—unborn human persons. Read More>>

How to Protect Yourself Against ‘Fake News’

“Fake news” is everywhere. How can you protect yourself from it? Over at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Joe Carter offers some suggestions. He writes,

It isn’t the “fake news” of those we disagree with that we should be worried about but the news from those on “our side.” Many of us want at least a small portion of fake news in our media diet because we want to have our opinions confirmed, not challenged. Read More>>

A Christian Response to Poverty Aims for Long-Term Restoration

Over at The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics, Stacy Singh writes about how Christians should respond to poverty. She writes,

There will never be cause to neglect the acknowledgment and nourishment of each person’s human dignity, even if we desire to simply put food in their mouths. Read More>>


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