#FaithandCulture Reading: Civility in Politics, Pro-Life, Clickbait, All Saints’ Day & George Washington’s Church

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How can we talk Christianly about politics or abortion? Why is clickbait so annoying? What can All Saints’ Day teach us about Election Day? And what kind of renewal occurred at Washington’s church?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Bruce Ashford, Richard Clark, Tim Challies, Erin Wyble Newcomb, Scott Sauls and J.B. Simmons in today’s #FaithandCulture Reading.

The Christian Case for Talking Politics

Richard Clark of Christianity Today interviewed Bruce Ashford on his podcast, “The Calling,” about politics and the election. Ashford said,

Christians, of all people, should be able to act civilly, and not just civilly, but with love….Civility is not softness; civility is toughness. You can make your point, and you can be tough with it, but it can be framed in a gracious manner. Read More>>

Bridging the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Divide

In the abortion debate, whose life matters — the child or the mother? At the ERLC, Scott Sauls argues that they both matter.

I concluded that the core issue in the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate is whose rights matter most. Is it the rights of the mother or the rights of the infant in her womb? I believe that the answer is yes. Read More>>

Death to Clickbait!

Clickbait is the worst, and Tim Challies agrees. In this article he pinpoints why clickbait is so egregious: it’s dishonest and selfish. He writes,

Clickbait exists where the writer or publisher is thinking of himself before others. Read More>>

All Saints’ Day and Election Season

As both All Saints’ Day and Election Day approach, Erin Wyble Newcomb reflects on what the former teaches her about how she should respond to the latter.

On Election Day, I have one vote, and I will use it. But on every day before and every day after, the looming presence of All Saints’ Day reminds me that no matter how dark the times, I walk in the light. And come what may, I am called to be the light for those who look to me, sinner though I am. Read More>>

It Happened to George Washington’s Church

J.B. Simmons gives us a story of gospel renewal in an unlikely place. He writes,

Times of cultural drift and opposition call for renewal and awakening. They call for powerful stories of God’s sovereign work. This is one of those stories. This is the awakening of Washington’s church. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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