Lee Strobel on the “Degeneration of Journalism” and the Only Book He’d Change

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Lee Strobel, author, apologist and speaker, recently visited Southeastern Seminary. In this Q&A with Dr. Keith Whitfield, he discusses apologetics and:

  • The only book he would change.
  • How we can be creative with apologetics.
  • On the “degeneration of journalism” in America.
  • The real human tragedy of secularism and atheist ideology.

Watch the Q&A above, or read a handful of excerpts below.

One of the biggest frustrations in my life has been the degeneration of journalism in America.

On the only book he would change.

“The only book I would change frankly if I were to do it again would be The Case for a Creator. I would change that not to spend as much time debunking neo-Darwinism. I would have spent more time building the affirmative case for scientific evidence for God from cosmology, physics, biochemistry, genetics and human conciousness. Only because I thought it got in the way of the affirmative case. Once you see that affirmative evidence, it pretty much deals with the issue of evolution and so forth.”

On the degeneration of journalism.

“One of the biggest frustrations in my life has been the degeneration of journalism in America. I got my undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri, which I think is the best journalism school in the country. It was the first journalism school. And I was taught that no human being is objective, but we should strive for objectivity. When I was legal editor at the Chicago Tribune, we covered a lot of court cases involving ethical and moral issues (abortion, for instance, and others). So I was very pro-choice, I was very pro-abortion [before becoming a Christian]. And when I would write an article about a court case involving abortion, you could not tell where I stood on that issue. You’d read that article, and I’d have both sides quoted, the arguments from both sides represented fully, and you would read it and wonder, ‘I wonder where the writer stands? I can’t tell.’ Now, that’s gone out the window.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. The first amendment is the first amendment because of freedom of religion, but also because of freedom of the press. It’s the only business that’s protected specifically in the constitution. It is foundational to America that we have a free and vibrant and reliable press…. Our democracy is at a crossroads. I don’t know what’s going to happen….

“We’re in trouble as a country if we can’t trust the media to tell us what’s actually happening.”

On abortion and the tragedy of secularism.

“I’m working on a book called The Case for Life where I’ll deal with not just the abortion issue, but also doctor-assisted suicide and other life issues that are moral issues and also are quite open to apologetic discussion and reasoning.”

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