#FaithandCulture Reading: Children’s Ministry, Socialism, Lightning McQueen, the Environment

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What can children’s ministry teach you about God? Why did Evangelicals stop advocating for the environment? Why are millennials attracted to democratic socialism? What does Lightning McQueen teach us about bringing jobs to rural America?

Get answers to these questions and more from Spence Spencer, Kaitlyn Schiess, Hugh Whelchel, Joseph Sunde and Brianna Copeland in today’s #FaithandCulture Reading.

Jesus Would Have Changed Diapers

Over at Fathom, Kaitlyn Schiess reflects on the spiritual lessons she’s learned working with children. She writes,

There are so many lies we believe about church: that we come to be ‘fulfilled,’ that we should serve only where we’re gifted or interested, that our knowledge is more important than our character. Children’s ministry obliterates each and every one of them. Read More>>

Three Reasons Why Evangelicals Stopped Advocating for the Environment

Why have evangelicals by and large stopped advocating for the environment? Spence Spencer tackles this question in an article for Christianity Today. He writes,

Vitriolic rhetoric about the environment increases the difficulty in getting some concerned Christians engaged. The all-or-nothing approach to party platforms by both sides continues the association between abortion and the environment. The common cause of stewarding creation for future generations requires coalition building and acceptance of a middle ground, while the current political climate seems to have people on both sides interested in domination of the opposition. Read More>>

The Mirage of Democratic Socialism: Why Are Millennials So Attracted?

Hugh Whelchel explores why democratic socialism is so popular among millennials in this article at The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. He writes,

In other words, ‘democratic socialism’ is attractive where people are drawn to the entitlements that the system brings, whether the entitlements are for them or others, as long as the system does not negatively affect them. Little thought is given to the coercion and force required to implement the well-intentioned policies or the potential unintended consequences. Read More>>

When Lightning McQueen Brought Jobs to Rural America

What can a decade-old animated movie about talking cars teach us about bringing jobs to rural America? Joseph Sunde answers this question as he reflects on the economic lessons in Pixar’s Cars. He writes,

Like Lightning McQueen, we need to adjust our perspective and recognize the human and community capital that exists across America. Once we see it, we can promote and invest and encourage it in turn, spurring value creation from the bottom up and cultivating communities that grow and sustain and flourish once again. Read More>>

Hope: Our Biblical Anchor

Brianna Copeland writes about the power of hope in this article at our sister blog, Women’s Life. She writes,

God’s glory is great and our hope is connected to this glory by the covenanted blood of Christ, and the secure deposit of Holy Spirit within us. This hope is alive, and waiting to captivate your imagination today, as we wait for our faith to be made sight and hope into a whole new, wonderful reality. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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