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Dennis Venema on Evolution, Genetics and the Historical Adam (Part 2)

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Did a real historical Adam exist? This is an increasingly important question, and the discussion touches on related issues of creation, genetics, theology and more.

To help you answer this question for yourself, the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture hosted the Evolution, Genetics and Historical Adam Conference at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. This conference featured Nathaniel Jeanson of Answers in Genesis and Dennis Venema of BioLogos. The speakers presented both sides of the issue — so you can understand the debate better. (Watch all the lectures.)

In this video, Venema defends evolutionary creationism. Watch the discussion above, or read a relevant excerpt below.

Why Venema is an evolutionary creationist.

“I’m aso an evolutionary creationist. I hold that evolution is the mechanism God chose and used to bring about biodiversity on earth….

Despite the possibility of apparent conflict between science and scripture, both are sources of God’s revelation to us, and Christians are not well served by ignoring or denigrating either…. A biblical view of creation does not constrain legitiate scientific inquiry and research because we capet two sources of information: biblical revelation and natural revelation. Another way to say this is that well supported conclusions of science, then, are a witness to natural revelation.”

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