#FaithandCulture Reading: Pro-Life Movement, Pastors and Politics, Moving Beyond Clichés, MLK

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How can churches engage culture? Why do pro-lifers focus so intently on abortion? Is there anything concerning about how pastors talk about politics? What can we learn from Martin Luther King Jr.? How can God use art?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Jonathan Leeman, Matthew Lee Anderson, Kevin DeYoung, Dante Stewart and Andrew Collins in today’s #FaithandCulture Roundup.

How Churches Should Engage Culture

Jonathan Leeman offers six suggestions for how your church can engage culture in this article at Radical. Here’s an excerpt:

A church’s work of cultural engagement begins with living as a model humanity. Before Christians ever talk about transforming the nation, they need to be a transformed nation. Read More>>

People criticize pro-lifers for focusing so much on abortion. But there’s a reason we do.

Over at Vox, Matthew Lee Anderson explains why so many pro-life advocates focus on life in the womb. He writes,

But for the pro-lifer, that “clump of cells” is as wondrous, as potent, as mysterious as, well, the cosmos. The recognition of the “baby” induces a hushed reverence. The universe once appeared out of nothing, a fact that reasonably seems to induce the strange vertigo of awe, but the formation of a new human being is not so different from this. The embryo contains a whole world of possibilities and adventures. Read More>>

Of Pastors and Politics

Pastor, are your social media feeds dominated by politics? Kevin DeYoung explains why that may be a problem. He writes,

Put down the phone. Close the web browser. Stop trying to change the world one tweet at a time. Let’s make sure we know our Bibles and know our people a thousand times better than we know the ins and outs of the Trump administration. And let’s not be afraid to be social media silent — not always, but often — in a world clamoring for political noise. Just because the internet gives us a microphone, doesn’t mean we have to speak into it. Read More>>

Martin Luther King Jr. and Convictional Compassion

Over at Reformed African American Network, Dante Stewart challenges us to learn from how Martin Luther King Jr. spoke prophetically to culture. He explains,

Where Jonathan Edwards gave us a beautiful picture of communicated orthodoxy, King gave us a beautiful picture of communicated orthopraxy. Read More>>

How Art Moved Me Beyond the Cliché

Can God use art to help us understand his truths? Over at The Gospel Coalition, Andrew Collins says yes. He writes,

These two songs remind me why Christians need poets and musicians. We need each generation to keep creating so we can see old truths afresh, so we can remember what it felt like to glimpse the light and be loved by God for the first time. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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