Free Pastor’s Luncheon: Developing Uncommonly Wise Workers for the Marketplace

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On Sunday mornings, behavior can sometimes distinguish followers of Christ from the rest of the world: Christians can be found singing praises, listening to sermons and serving in churches. But what about on Mondays? When the people who make up our congregations go to work, what sets them apart?

As pastors and ministry leaders, we hope a number of things would characterize believers: Love, selflessness, moral integrity, etc. We also hope there would be a certain savviness in the way they live life.

People of godly wisdom stand out. In contemporary culture when life is characterized by both an inundation of information and yet a scarcity of wisdom, this is especially true.

As those who pastor, our question is this: How will we disciple people to embody distinguishing, godly wisdom?

Join Made to Flourish and Dr. Benjamin Quinn of Southeastern Seminary for a lunch, talk and discussion on this timely opportunity for us as leaders. We at the Intersect Project will sponsoring the event and provide a free resource selected by Dr. Quinn.

If you’re a pastor, you’re invited to this free event. (Please register in advance.)

The Details

What: Developing Uncommonly Wise Workers for the Marketplace (featuring Benjamin Quinn)

When: November 9, 12 – 1:30 pm

Where: Mia Francesca (North Hills in Raleigh)

Price: Free (You must register in advance)

About Made to Flourish

Made to Flourish is a community of pastors that provides training, resources, access to thought leaders, national events and city network gatherings to help pastors connect more meaningfully and deeply with their congregations on a topic that profoundly affects their lives — work.

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