How to Watch ‘Wisdom Forum: The Good Life’

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What does it look like for believers to wisely engage the intersection of faith and culture in daily life?

Tonight, March 16, you can join us at 6:00pm on the campus of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, for an evening of compelling conversation addressing the faithful interaction with cultural issues the church faces today.

You’ll discover how faith helps us best define “the good life,” and you’ll see how faith intersects with topics like work, health, rest, play, family, friendship, reading, wisdom and more — from James K. A. Smith, D. A. Horton, Elicia Horton, Esther Meek, Bruce Ashford and more.

Here are two ways you can watch the Wisdom Forum:

1. Join us in Person.

You can come to Southeastern Seminary at 6pm to listen to the speakers in person. You’ll also enjoy a coffee and hot chocolate break at intermission, and you can stay afterwards for an exclusive afterparty. Register now for the Wisdom Forum.

2. Watch via Livestream.

If you can’t come in person, you can tune in to the livestream to watch from the comfort of your home. Register now for the Livestream.



Defining the Good Life

  • Wisdom (Dr. Benjamin Quinn)
  • The Good Life (Dr. James K.A. Smith)
  • Longing for God (Dr. Esther Meek)
  • Wisdom and the Good Life Q&A (Drs. Bruce Ashford, James K.A. Smith, Esther Meek and Benjamin Quinn)

Rhythms of the Good Life

  • Rhythms of Good Life — What is a Rhythm? (Dr. Walter Strickland)
  • Work and the Good Life (Dr. James K.A. Smith)
  • Rest and the Good Life (Larry Trotter)
  • Reading, Education and the Good Life (Dr. Matt Mullins)
  • Suffering and the Good Life (Jonathan Darville)
  • Family, Home Life and the Good Life (D.A. and Elicia Horton)
  • Friendship and the Good Life (Dr. Esther Meek)

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