5 Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2020

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So far in our 2020 recap, we’ve highlighted your 5 favorite articles and 10 most-read articles. When it comes to our podcast, Christ and Culture, we’ve shared your  5 favorite podcast episodes. Today, though, we look at the cold hard facts: Which episodes did you listen to the most?

Without further ado, here are the 5 most popular Christ and Culture episodes of 2020. If you’ve enjoyed listening, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts!

1. Bruce Ashford: How to Be Faithful and Flexible in Politics

What is God’s creational design for politics, and how can Christians faithfully navigate this sphere of culture? Dr. Bruce Ashford discusses his book One Nation Under God: A Christian Hope for American Politics and how to be faithful and flexible in the public square without sacrificing our Christian morality. This episode was the most listened to episode of 2020.

The Bible draws a direct line from biblical teaching to moral issues, but the line from moral issues to public policy issues is notoriously complex.

2. Karen Swallow Prior: Civil Disobedience and Cultural Engagement

How can we be compassionately convictional and confrontational? In this episode, Dr. Karen Swallow Prior shares her faith story, her experiences with civil disobedience, and the inspiration behind her book Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues. Here’s an excerpt:

We can be convictional and confrontational and stand up for what’s right in ways that take great risks.

3. Sam Williams: Do You Suffer from Compassion Fatigue?

What is compassion fatigue, how can we recognize it, and how can the church minister to their ministers? On this episode, biblical counselor Dr. Sam Williams talks with us about pastoral and missionary resilience. It was the third most popular episode of 2020.

Everyone can improve and get better at their capacity to weather adversity.

4. Bruce Ashford: How the Gospel Informs Politics

How do we appropriately bring our religious beliefs into the political realm? Dr. Bruce Ashford — with his second episode on this list — discusses his book Letters to an American Christian and how to saturate our political engagement with truth, grace, and the gospel. 

Social revolutions are always bloody and full of enormously bad unintended consequences.

5. Jennifer Wiseman: Astrophysics, Wonder, and Awe

What does physics have to do with faith? Dr. Jennifer Wiseman shares her journey as a Christian astrophysicist and gives advice for fellow believers interested in the STEM fields. It was the fifth most popular episode of 2020.

Awe and wonder inspire the whole process of scientific study.


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