The Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2021

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So far in our 2021 recap, we’ve highlighted your favorite podcast episodes and articles, as voted in our recent contest.

Today, though, we look at the cold hard facts: Which podcast episodes did you listen to the most? Without further ado, here are the 5 most popular Christ and Culture episodes of 2021.

Lori Langdon: The Fact and Fiction of COVID, Vaccines, and Masks

1. Lori Langdon: The Fact and Fiction of COVID, Vaccines, and Masks

“You have to be certain about the quality of the information you are receiving.”

COVID returned with a vengeance in the fall, and so did debates about vaccines, masks, and other COVID precautions. We talked to Dr. Lori Langdon, an accomplished pediatrician and faithful Christian, to hear her take on these contentious topics. Her episode is not only the most popular episode of 2021; it’s the most listened-to episode of all time.

Alister McGrath

2. Alister McGrath: Wonder as a Signpost

“I recognize this experience of awe and wonder as a signpost which is pointing somewhere, and I want to go where it is pointing.”

What is the connection between creation and redemption? In this episode, Dr. Alister McGrath discusses the importance of seeing the bigger picture amidst the trees of scientific discovery and expounds on his lecture from our Goodness of Creation and Human Responsibilty Conference.

3. Carl Trueman: No, You Can’t Define Yourself

“Society has come to grant an authority of the feelings over the body that is unprecedented in modern society.”

Western culture is rapidly changing. Gay marriage is legal and celebrated; transgenderism is on the rise; one’s pronouns are now up for debate. How did we get here? Dr. Carl Trueman joined us to answer this question and discuss his book, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. 

4. Ken Keathley and Benjamin Quinn: What Is Culture Anyway?

“Birds make nests. Beavers build dams. Humans create culture.”

We use the word culture all the time, but what is it really? Should we avoid culture, fight it, engage it, or something else? Ken Keathley and Benjamin Quinn discuss in this popular episode.

Jeff Struecker

5. Jeff Struecker: Afghanistan’s Clash of Ideologies

“One generation of girls grew up in Afghanistan with freedoms…. Was that worth it? Yes, absolutely it was worth it.”

What really happened in Afghanistan? Could the outcome have been different, and were 20 years of sacrifices worth it? Dr. Jeff Struecker, a US Army Ranger Hall of Famer, had 9 combat deployments to Afghanistan. He shares about his experiences and prayers for the region.

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