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Lori Langdon: The Fact and Fiction of COVID, Vaccines, and Masks

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In Christ & Culture podcast with Drs. Ken Keathley and Benjamin Quinn, we explore how the Christian faith intersects all avenues of today’s culture through conversations with leading thinkers.

Today’s Episode: COVID has returned with a vengeance, and so have debates about vaccines, masks, and other COVID precautions. Today we talk to Dr. Lori Langdon, an accomplished pediatrician and faithful Christian, to hear her take on these contentious topics. In a new segment, “In the News,” Dr. Keathley shares how you can pray for and serve Hurricane Ida’s victims, and in “Ask the Docs” Drs. Keathley and Quinn discuss how to navigate political differences in a local church.

One editorial note: Parts of this episode were recorded via Zoom, so the audio quality may not be ideal.

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You have to be certain about the quality of the information you are receiving.

Highlights from the Episode:

  • Does the Delta Variant affect children?
    “The Delta Variant does not have the kindness towards children that the original strain did. So we’re seeing more pediatric hospitalizations…. We’re quite concerned about the delta variant in children, which is why (we’re also concerned about face-to-face instruction) we’re very adamant about a mask mandate in schools.”
  • What should we think about masks in schools?
    “If all the students are masked, the chances of individual, in-school COVID transmission is actually quite low. When you combine the urgency of students to have face-to-face instruction with documented data that masking is an effective way to have that happen safely, you see why we’re so urgent and adamant about the mask mandate. The American Academy of Pediatrics feels like children need to be taught in face-to-face instruction…. We absolutely need children to be back in school, and we believe masks are the way to make that happen.”
  • Who can you trust?
    “You have to be certain about the quality of the information you are receiving…. If you’re scared, I want you to look at good sources. I want you to find somebody who’s trained in reading studies and can recognize a peer-reviewed, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, evidence-based study. And that’s not where this hysteria is coming from, I promise you. So if you have a pediatrician you can trust, talk to them. If you have an [obstetrician] you can trust, talk to them.”
  • How does the mRNA vaccine work?
    “The messenger RNA does not get into your DNA. Think about the cell from high school. Remember it had a nucleus (that’s where the DNA lives). This messenger RNA  (the message) is wrapped in a lipid; it crosses through the phospholipid bilayer, goes into your cytoplasm (that’s outside the nucleus), [and] it goes straight to the ribosomes (which are the protein-making factory). That ribosome makes the spike protein. Then your cell presents the spike protein on the surface, and that triggers your body’s own immune system to make antibodies against that very specific thing. Then the message itself just goes away; that’s not long-term. I hope that helps you know this does not hurt your fertility in any way; that was a hoax from the antivaxers. This does not alter your DNA.”

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