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We want to help you craft the perfect Summer Reading List. We asked Southeastern Seminary professors what books they would recommend, and we’ll share their recommendations in coming weeks.

This week, Dr. Mark Liederbach, Dougald McLaurin, and Dr. Christy Thornton recommend three books for your summer reading list.

The Knowledge of the Holy
By A. W. Tozer (Fig, 2017)

Mark Liederbach: All good theology and theological application (ethics, counseling, preaching, etc) should begin with a long gaze at the glory of our God. This book is an easy read, a deeply thoughtful exploration of the attributes of God. It has short chapters that lend themselves to daily devotional reading and it is known as a classic in the field. Knowledge of the Holy is easily in my category of “top 5 books to read again and again.”  Seminary students are wise to cultivate their love for God through a renewed awe and wonder over His many and splendid attributes.

Dr. Mark Liederbach is Professor of Theology, Ethics and Culture; Vice President for Student Services; and Dean of Students at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Baptists and the Christian Tradition: Toward an Evangelical Baptist Catholicity
Edited by Matthew Emerson, Christopher Morgan and Lucas Stamps (B&H, 2020)

Dougald McLaurin: Sometimes we get caught up in our own moment and forget that our faith has been handed down to us from others. This book focuses on the Baptist traditions and revisits some biblical, theological, and ecclesial topics that we need to remind ourselves of our tradition. Recalling some of the classic expressions of our faith helps us course correct our thinking on some issues that we may have drifted away from. This book does helps to reinforce the classic expressions of our Baptist faith.

Dougald McLaurin is the Research & Outreach Coordinator at the Library at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

On the Incarnation
By Athanasius (GLH Publishing, 2018)

Christy Thornton: Every year, I pepper my reading list with books that lead me to remember the Gospel and behold Christ. Athanasius’s On the Incarnation provides one of the most succinct, and majestic expositions of the good news of Jesus Christ in the history of the church. As I think along with this older brother in the faith, I am lead to worship in awe that the Son of God became human for us and our salvation.

Dr. Christy Thornton is Associate Director of Ph.D. Studies and Director of the Th.M. Program.

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