For Your Weekend Reading (December 18)

Every Friday, you get a recap of what others are saying about the intersection of faith and culture, work, economics and public life. Happy reading (and listening) this weekend, and merry Christmas!

Star Wars and the Ancient Religion

The latest Star Wars film hits theaters this weekend. If you’re like me and you spend way too much time overanalyzing movies, you’ll enjoy this read by Peter Jones.

The appearance of a new episode of the Star Wars film series is an important moment for Christian witness. To be sure, we can shrug our shoulders, since Star Wars is old news. Or we can enthusiastically introduce our grandchildren to what we might think is a beloved, harmless yarn. Or we can—and should—discover in the series an occasion to sharpen our presentation of the gospel message and help our children and grandchildren, and anyone else who might be interested, to understand the culture in which they live.

“Why is my job miserable?” A Theology of Frustration At Work

Work can be miserable; we’ve all experienced it. This brief article observes that Christianity offers the best explanation why work is so tough:

I’m not sure any other faith, including a secular naturalism, can provide an adequate explanation for our frustration with work.

TIFWE: Books We Like

Christmastime is near. If you’re looking for some books to put on your wish-list, we recommend Bruce Ashford’s Every Square Inch.  If you already own that one, The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics has a few suggestions.

Russell Moore’s Onward wins award from Christianity Today

Speaking of books, Christianity Today published their annual list of “books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.” Russell Moore‘s new book Onward: Engaging Culture without Losing the Gospel won “Beautiful Orthodoxy” book of the year.

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